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Anderson & Company Real Estate Appraisals
(760) 214-7753
30536 Star Haven Drive
Valley Center
San Diego
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License History

License Status Start Date End Date
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2023 01/19/2025
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2021 01/19/2023
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2019 01/19/2021
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2017 01/19/2019
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2015 01/19/2017
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2013 01/19/2015
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2011 01/19/2013
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2009 01/19/2011
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2007 01/19/2009
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2005 01/19/2007
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2003 01/19/2005
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/2001 01/19/2003
Certified Residential Renewal 01/20/1997 01/19/2001
Certified Residential Initial 02/28/1992 01/19/1997

Course History

Course History shown for January 1, 2013 and beyond. Contact BREA for further history.
Completed Date Course Title Course Number
10/06/2022 2022-2023 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course 2210501031
03/13/2020 Artificial Intelligence AVMs and Blockchain Implications for Valuation 19CP754601374
03/13/2020 Using Technology in Residential Appraising 19CP754601411
01/24/2020 2020-2021 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 19CP191803016
11/17/2018 Technology, Tools and the Modern Day Appraisal 1810481004
11/03/2018 The Appraisal of 2-4 Unit Properties 18CP167303102
11/03/2018 Limited Scope Appraisals and Appraisal Reports: Staying Compliant and Competitive 17CP167303096
10/17/2018 Real Estate Damages- Appraising After a Natural Disaster 18CP167303106
09/13/2018 IRS Valuation Symposium- Valuation of Donated Real Estate, Including Conservation Easements and Other IRS Valuation Assignments 18CP754601326
08/21/2018 Review of the 1004MC Addenda 14CP986603020
08/20/2018 Appraising Manufactured Homes 12986C160
05/10/2018 San Diego Development, Disasters and Demographics 18CP754601311
03/09/2018 Federal and California State Laws & Regulations 17CP191803012
12/14/2017 2018-2019 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 17CP754601293
11/14/2017 Four Useful Topics for Appraisers 17CP754601288
10/28/2016 Support Your Adjustments: Techniques for Residential Appraisers 16CP167303068
10/23/2016 Documenting the Appraiser's Work file 16CP167303067
10/16/2016 Exploring Appraiser Liability 15CP167303056
09/19/2016 Appraisers: How to Recognize and Avoid Mortgage Fraud 15CP167303055
09/08/2016 Historic Districts and Historical Properties: How Do They Relate to Value? 16CP754601217
07/08/2016 Business Practices and Ethics 12CP754601026
12/11/2015 2016-2017 7- Hour National Uspap Update Course 15CP754601184
09/10/2014 Federal and California Statutory and Regulatory Laws 12CP754601012
09/10/2014 Unraveling The Mystery of Fannie Mae Appraisal Guidelines 13CP754601075
03/08/2014 2014-2015 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 13CP754601082
05/17/2013 Uniform Appraisal Dataset Aftereffects: Efficiency vs. Obligation 12CP754601004