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Penner & Associates, Inc. DBA Valbridge Property Advisors
(714) 449-0852
17822 E 17th Street Suite 211

License History

License Status Start Date End Date
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2024 04/14/2026
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2022 04/14/2024
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2020 04/14/2022
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2018 04/14/2020
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2016 04/14/2018
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2014 04/14/2016
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2012 04/14/2014
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2010 04/14/2012
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2008 04/14/2010
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2006 04/14/2008
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2004 04/14/2006
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2002 04/14/2004
Certified General Renewal 04/15/2000 04/14/2002
Certified General Renewal 04/15/1996 04/14/2000
Certified General Initial 11/09/1991 04/14/1996

Course History

Course History shown for January 1, 2013 and beyond. Contact BREA for further history.
Completed Date Course Title Course Number
01/26/2024 2024-2025 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course* 23CP754601560
01/23/2024 Federal and California Laws & Regulations for Appraisers- with Real World Relevance 2310722003
01/19/2024 Elimination of Bias and Developing Cultural Competency-with Real World Relevance 2310722004
11/02/2023 56th Annual Litigation Seminar 23CP754601556
10/12/2023 Bias in Real Estate Valuations: A Discussion of the Past, Present, and Future 23CP754601547
09/14/2023 6 Recent Appraiser Lawsuits and the Lessons from Each* 2210501038
08/23/2023 Appraising Historic Properties 23CP754601546
08/16/2023 Becoming Profiecent in Fractional Interest Valuation 23CP754601538
03/14/2023 The Impact of Recession and Inflation on Property Values 23CP754601530
02/01/2023 Junk Science & Valuation 23CP754601527
01/26/2023 30th Annual LA/OC Market Trends Seminar 23CP754601526
11/03/2022 55th Annual Litigation Seminar 22CP754601520
10/27/2022 Business Practices and Ethics 19CP754601363
09/27/2022 Complex Litigation Appraisal Case Studies 22CP754601490
01/27/2022 29th Annual LA/OC Market Trends Seminar 22CP754601489
11/04/2021 54th Annual Litigation Seminar 21CP754601482
10/28/2021 2020-2021 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 19CP754601397
09/30/2020 IRS, Loss, Gift & Estate Valuations 18CP754601345
06/30/2020 Understanding Legal Parcels and Descriptions: So What Makes it Legal? 17CP754601259
03/12/2020 Laws and Regulations for California Appraisers 16CP167303080
01/15/2020 2020-2021 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 19CP754601397
09/14/2019 Contact or Effective Rent: Finding the Real Rent 15CP754601146
06/13/2019 22nd Annual Inland Empire Market Trends Seminar 19CP754601371
05/16/2019 Effective Commercial Appraisals for Banks- What Chief Appraisers Want- Part 1 1610181006
03/21/2019 Modernization of Los Angeles World Airport 19CP754601366
11/08/2018 2015 CREL Examination Heads Up for Bank Collateral Risk Managers 1510181003
10/09/2018 Fallacies, Future, and Fun of Appraisal 18CP754601338
09/13/2018 IRS Valuation Symposium- Valuation of Donated Real Estate, Including Conservation Easements and Other IRS Valuation Assignments 18CP754601326
08/14/2018 Appraising Solar and Energy Efficiency 18CP754601329
01/25/2018 2018-2019 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 17CP754601293
11/09/2017 50th Annual Litigation Seminar 17CP754601289
10/24/2017 Business Practices and Ethics 12CP754601026
02/28/2017 Automation, Systems, Diversification and Non-Lender Appraisal Work 17CP754601244
11/04/2016 49th Annual Litigation Seminar 16CP754601229
04/06/2016 2016-2017 7-Hour Equivalent Uspap Update Course 15CP828203007
04/03/2016 Real Estate Appraisal Trainee/Supervisor Course 14CP828203006
04/02/2016 Federal and State Laws and Regulations 12CP828203001
11/13/2015 48th Annual Litigation Seminar 15CP754601187
07/14/2015 Summer Conference 15CP754601168
11/18/2014 The Rebuttal of Junk Science in Litigation 14CP754601132
11/13/2014 47th Annual Litigation Seminar 14CP754601129
02/26/2014 2014-2015 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 13CP754601082
02/20/2014 Achieving Growth in Today's Volatile Marketplace 14CP754601092
10/29/2013 2013 Annual Fall Conference 13CP754601072
09/12/2013 2013 SCCAI Conference and Trade Show-Southern Chapter 13CP754601055