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J. Calvin Anderson
(626) 808-5343
1096 Wesley Ave
Los Angeles

License History

License Status Start Date End Date
Certified Residential Renewal 07/12/2020 07/11/2022
Certified Residential Renewal 07/12/2018 07/11/2020
Certified Residential Renewal 07/12/2016 07/11/2018
Certified Residential Renewal 01/24/2013 01/23/2015
Certified Residential Renewal 02/06/2009 02/05/2011
Certified Residential Renewal 02/06/2007 02/05/2009
Certified Residential Renewal 02/06/2005 02/05/2007
Certified Residential Renewal 02/06/2003 02/05/2005
Certified Residential Renewal 02/06/2001 02/05/2003
Certified Residential Renewal 02/06/1997 02/05/2001
Certified Residential Initial 03/17/1992 02/05/1997

Course History

Course History shown for January 1, 2013 and beyond. Contact BREA for further history.
Completed Date Course Title Course Number
04/02/2020 Evaluating Today's Residential Appraisal: Reliable Review 18CP167303108
03/16/2020 Introduction to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset 11167C139
03/12/2020 Complex Properties: The Odd Side of Appraisal 17CP167303090
02/25/2020 Managing Appraiser Liability 15CP167303046
02/15/2020 Residential Appraisal Review and USPAP Compliance 16CP167303066
02/03/2020 Residential Construction and the Appraiser 18CP167303113
01/16/2020 Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers 10167C118
01/10/2020 2020-2021 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course 19CP167303122
12/26/2019 Laws and Regulations for California Appraisers 16CP167303080
02/19/2018 2018-2019 7-Hour National Uspap Update Course 17CP167303095
07/05/2016 Understanding Residential Construction 14CP167303033
06/26/2016 The Sales Comparison Approach 14CP167303029
06/15/2016 The Dirty Dozen - Virtual classroom 07167C173
06/13/2016 Residential Report Writing: More Than Forms 11167C137
06/01/2016 The Nuts and Bolts of Green Building for Appraisers 10167C114
05/25/2016 Mold, Pollution and the Appraiser 11167C141
05/21/2016 Modern Green Building Concepts 13CP167303008
05/17/2016 Managing Appraiser Liability 15CP167303046
04/27/2016 Laws and Regulations for California Appraisers 16CP167303065
04/23/2016 Land and Site Valuation 08167C187
03/30/2016 Introduction to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset 11167C139
03/16/2016 Introduction to Legal Descriptions 10167C121
03/14/2016 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System in Green Buildings 14CP167303022
03/12/2016 Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers 10167C118
03/08/2016 Environmental Issues for Appraisers 08167C180
03/01/2016 The Cost Approach 07167C172
02/23/2016 Avoiding Mortgage Fraud for Appraisers 15CP167303047
02/16/2016 2016-2017 7 Hour National Uspap Update Course 15CP167303053