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License Renewal Application

Introduction to the BREA Online License Renewal System

Welcome to the Online Renewal System. Enter the information requested below to determine eligibility to renew.

The existing license must be current and in good standing, and renewal may not occur more than six months prior to the existing license expiration date.

This renewal system will not accept applications for licensees who: have an out-of-state address; were licensed through reciprocity; have a temporary license; have a license that has been suspended, resigned, and/or revoked; have had their right to renew revoked; and/or are subject to Enforcement monitoring.

License Renewal Fees

Trainee License Residential License Certified Residential and Certified General
Total Renewal Fees $850.00 $955.00 $1030.00


Fees are not refundable. By statute, all fees submitted are deemed earned upon receipt. You may pay for the renewal using Visa or MasterCard.

License Renewal Eligibility

Please enter the following required information to check your eligibility for online renewal.
Last Name
License Number (e.g. 012345)